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Some Falcons thoughts

Posted on: January 18, 2011 1:31 pm
Okay, so the Falcons just got whooped by the Packers, badly. I mean it was painful to watch. How many Falcons fans do you know that sat there and watched the whole game thinking, "Okay, at least we are playing hard." No, the Falcons looked like they gave up. Matt Ryan did not handle the pressure well as he looked erratic all night. That pick he threw right before halftime that Tramon Williams returned for a TD was terrible. So here we go, the Falcons go 13-3, then get slaughtered by the 6 seed Packers andits time to panic.

Actually it isn't. For as bad as the Falcons looked Saturday night, they still had some bright spots. Granted I believe the Falcons were a pretender number 1 seed, see as they had the best record but were not the best team in the NFC. They had at least 3 wins with some luck, those being Garrett Hartley's 27 yard field goal miss to help them win against the Saints for the first time, stopping Tampa Bay on the 1 yard line, ok that wasn't luck but the Falcons were out played the whole game by the Bucs but capitalized on their mistakes, and also the win over Green Bay, seeing as we caught the Packers right before they turned on the afterburners. So that would make the Falcons 10-6 and probably miss the playoffs since the Bucs would be 11-5 and we would have been even more angry but whatever, we went 13-3 and got the number 1 seed so that is all pointless anyways.

The Falcons could not establish any kind of gameplan against the Pack Saturday night. This is the glaring weakness on our offense that needs to be addressed. Our playmakers are predictable and our reserves are mediocre at best. I love Brian Finneran more then I probably should but tell me you would want to go to him over someone like Jordy Nelson, or Jason Avant, or Austin Collie on 3rd and 18. Other teams have this benefit to them that we lack, which is why I think we need a number 2 receiver. I like Michael Jenkins but he is a slot receiver. Him and Finneran are possession type players, good at what they do but not spectacular. Harry Douglas was very disappointing. He did not step up and we need someone with his natural playmaking ability to be good enough to start opposite Roddy White.

The next glaring weakness is on our defense. I would be curious to see the stat on how many of the 366 passing yards Green Bay accumulated, went Chris Owens' way. We had no response to them on third down and over and over they converted. Third and 6? Seven yard pass play. Third and 12? Thirteen yard scramble. Every time. I dont have the stat but it sure felt like Green Bay converted all of their third down opportunities. So my solution? Throw around some money and make an attempt at Nnamdi Asomugha. I would be happy even if the Falcons don't sign him, if they made an attempt for him. We went out and got Dunta Robinson last year, which turned out to help us improve but not nearly as much as people thought. I mean look at what the Jets did. They got beat through the air last year in the playoffs and went out and fixed that problem. The Jets are now still playing while the Falcons are watching from home. I dont think we should axe everyone who made a mistake but who wouldn't want someone of Asomugha's talent on the team? I think even Chris Owens might want to have him on the team too!

Basically, I felt as if the Falcons have enough talent to win a SuperBowl but we lack the fortitude to stay on our game and roll with the punches. I hope this is addressed through the Draft and free agency as I do feel we have plenty to improve on.
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