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Posted on: July 2, 2009 3:20 pm

All-Star IDP

So, I've been playing in this Dynasty Keeper league for a few years now and decided to become the league writer. To kick off my blog opening, I decided to post my most recent article. BTW, we play in an IDP (meaning individual defensive players, for you noobs) league where all players are similarly balanced in scoring.

"Okay I decided to go ahead and give a roster on who I will predict to have the best fantasy year in each position. This list is my predicted #1’s (and in some cases #2’s) of scoring this upcoming year. They may not be the best at their position, but they will finish the year. So first, lets see the team, then, we will go into analysis.

QB: Tom Brady DDD
RB: Matt Forte JJ
WR: Andre Johnson ELE
WR: Calvin Johnson STB
TE: Jason Witten STB
K: Garrett Hartley ELE
DL: Osi Umenyiora CC
DL: Mario Williams TFA
LB: Jon Beason TSB
LB: Patrick Willis BSE
DB: O.J. Atogwe WAD
DB: Sean Jones HULK

QB: Tom Brady

Missing all of last season with a knee injury, and them making a full recovery in half the time of a normal human being says one thing….. Tom Brady is not human. I’ve said it all along that he is probably the 6 million dollar man, but in this case, he’s the $20 man because he will carry the Dirtbags into the playoffs, again.

RB: Matt Forte

Last season, as a rookie, Matt Forte scored the most points out of any running back (1003.1). His closest competition was Adrian Peterson (925.6). Forte also had no passing game threat and the Bears trailed most of their games forcing them to throw. This season the situation is even better for Forte, as he has a good QB in Cutler, and that will force some defenders out of the box. AP, MJD, and LT will all be close (yes LT too), but Forte will be tops for fantasy.

WR: Andre Johnson

Every year we all expect Andre Johnson to put up insane numbers. Every year Andre Johnson gets close. Every year Andre Johnson has an injury, or his QB has an injury. So why would he be number 1? Because he is the main threat in an emerging Texans offense. He is the one they will air it out to, and he is the one going to be getting the touchdowns. His 115 receptions for 1,575 yards and 8 touchdowns seem too easy for him to repeat. I am expecting these numbers to seem like an off year after this year.

WR: Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson makes sportscenter-worthy highlights almost every game, but he doesn’t receive extra points in fantasy for it. A close number 2 was Larry Fitzgerald so let me tell you the reason Megatron beat him out. Fitz and Megatron both have sick size, speed, and hands and Fitz has a better QB, but, when coming down to fantasy you need to look at who will get the yards, TDs, and receptions. Fitz will don’t get me wrong but Fitz will be competing with Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston, Jerheme Urban, Tim Hightower, Chris Wells, etc, etc, etc. CJ has a fresh new QB who will want to establish a connection between the two and this is going to translate into fantasy points. 100+ receptions to Fitz’s 90+, puts CJ at number 2.

TE: Jason Witten

Jason Witten has been a top tight end for years now but has not solidified his place as THE top TE. This year will be different because the previous winners, Gonzalez and Gates, have gotten older. So as Witten but he plays as if he is a year younger every season. With TO gone Witten becomes Tony Romo’s favorite and most reliable target and will put up TonyG numbers very modestly. Witten will be a 45+ point per game player which is sick for a tight end.

K: Garrett Hartley

So the most boring position in fantasy is the kicker. You pick up a kicker and you leave him in for what seems to be forever. This is a fine strategy being as kickers don’t have much of an impact, right? Well we will see, everyone has had one of those “should-have-won” games before and a kicker who can put up 20+ easily can help in those close ones. Hartley will get that and will help his team lead the league in scoring on multiple weeks.

DL: Osi Umenyiora

The G-Men get Osi back from injury and this should be perfect. The Giants D-Line was fine without him last year, but Osi anchors them. I believe players will play better then normal when they know their back-ups are almost as good as them and Osi has the heat coming from the bench already.

DL: Mario Williams

Super Mario has been improving his game each year and it seems as if the Texans follow suit. Yes, he does play in a tough division but he is a much improved player since his rookie campaign. He reads offenses and gets after the QB which we all love to see a DL do. I do not think his sack totals will increase but I think his tackle totals will soar.

LB: Jon Beason

The middle LB for the Carolina Panthers with a mis-shapen head can only be described in one word; Beast. The Panthers offense has been getting worse and for fantasy owners you know what this means for their defense. I think the Panthers going 12-4 will not happen again and teams will be running on the Panthers especially is Peppers departs. This will be a great scenario for Beason to rack up even more tackles then he is already going to get.

LB: Patrick Willis

What makes Patrick Willis so good? Averaging 157.5 tackles, 7.5 pass deflections, 2.5 sacks, 2.5 forced fumbles, and a 50% chance to score a TD every year? I believe its Willis’ nose for the ball. His stats show me that he is around the ball on almost every play AND he plays on a bad team. His numbers may rise but I believe they will stay around the same which certainly makes him the number 2 LB if not number 1.

DB: O.J. Atogwe

The thing about O.J. is that he a very solid player posting up respectable INT and tackle numbers. I believe the Rams made the right moves on defense at their DL and LB positions meaning the opposing teams will be forced to throw when the score is close. Also O.J. plays in a division where Kurt Warner (14 INTs), Shaun Hill (8 INTs in 8 games), and Matt Hassleback (12 INTs in 2007) are the QB’s. With a revamped Offense, O.J. will be encouraged to increase those numbers.

DB: Sean Jones

Safeties are always a attractive options to use as your DBs and Sean Jones is no exception. He will get tackles because he will come up to the line to defend the box and he also can cover. He will be replacing Brian Dawkins at the same age Dawkins was when he 81 tackles, 3 sacks, a defensive touchdown, and 5 forced fumbles. Those stats add up be a very solid DB."
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